This work is based on the Beijing and Sichuan opera tradition of 变脸 or “Face Change”, in which a performer will magically change what mask they are wearing. In referencing this tradition, I am hoping to comment on the cultural code-switching that I perform as an Asian American. Each mask is made only using the American colors of red white and blue, but these colors also serve to reference the meanings of these colors in traditional Chinese opera. Red represents loyalty, white represents a twisted enemy, and blue represents a common man who is brave, bold, and courageous. As a Chinese American, it can sometimes be difficult to be proud of both sides of me, especially when these countries have tensions between them, and have governments that don’t always make the best decisions for its citizens. I see both their courageous and brave characters, as well as their twisted tendencies. I face constant contradictions between wanting to be proud and critical of both countries. This piece attempts to reckon with these feelings.

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