NOTE: The full collection was never made, and the show this collection was created for was cancelled due to COVID-19.  

Retro-Future is a look back to the past, as well as a projection into the future.  Through using the styles of bygone eras, I hope to address issues of sustainability in fashion that have existed for years and highlight that these problems still endure today. 

 Each look emphasizes the style of a certain decade while addressing an issue that was particularly significant during that time.  Through movement, on stage changes, or reveals, each design will evolve from a classic look to a more avante garde piece, commenting on hidden issues such as animal cruelty in material sourcing, labor exploitation, textile waste, and other major problems that are still quite relevant in today’s fashion industry.  

Retro-Future looks to point out the flaws in our current global approach to both social and ecological sustainability, while still maintaining a positive tone for our future.  All fabrics and materials used in Retro-Future will be sourced sustainably through methods like thrifting, searching scrap stores, recycling old clothing, and other reusable resources, as proof that the fashion industry does not need to constantly produce new materials in order to be creative.  

Retro-Future also strives to break from the traditional format of a fashion show by inviting the audience to participate and stand on stage with the models for the finale.  By doing this, I hope to draw attention to the idea that large groups of people are capable of bringing about major change, and that those watching can be part of the solution.  Through design and form, I hope to create a line that both critiques and drives hope in the fashion industry, showing an evolution in style over the years, while also pushing us to evolve towards more sustainable practices.

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